List of Extra Curricular Actitivies




School Play Rehearsal (Scheduled Days)
1.00pm – 1.45pm
School Play Rehearsal (Scheduled Days)
4.10pm – 5.30pm

Upper School Choir (TS) Monday 12.50pm – 1.20pm
U12 Netball Practice (JXP, DG) Monday 12.50pm
U12 Girls' Hockey Practice (REB) Monday 12.50pm
U12 Rugby Practice (SAR) Monday 12.50pm
Lifesaving Training (LJS) Monday 12.50pm
Spanish Dance Club (MI) DCS Monday 12.50pm
Invention (PT, KR) B30 Monday 1.05pm

Wind Band (AL) Monday 4.00pm
U16, U18 Rugby Practice Monday 4.00pm
U15, U16, U18 Hockey Practice (GMC, REB) Monday 4.00pm
U18 Netball Practice (JXP, DG) Monday 4.00pm
Year 9 - 10 GCSE Drama (JBN) DCS Monday 4.00pm
Mandarin Club B3 Monday 4.00pm
Lower School Strings (JP) Monday 4.00pm

Small Ensembles Tuesday 8.35am
Upper School House Competitions (priority) Tuesday 12.50pm
Lower School Singers (TS, JP) Tuesday 12.50pm
Senior Art Club (SP) V30 Tuesday 12.50pm
Photography Club (FEJ) Barratt Centre Tuesday 1.00pm

U12-U15 Girls’ Hockey Practice (REB) Tuesday 4.00pm
U13, U15 Rugby Practice (MSL, SAR, CW) Tuesday 4.00pm
U14, U15 Netball Practice (JXP) Tuesday 4.00pm
Sixth Form Chemistry Research Group B32 Tuesday 4.00pm – 5.00pm
Life Drawing (SP) V30 Tuesday 4.00pm – 6.00pm

Lower School House Competitions (priority) Wednesday 12.50pm
Christian Life Club (KHT) A47 Wednesday 12.50pm
Astronomy Club (AGF) B12 Wednesday 12.50pm
Dance and Gym Club (PAS) VG Wednesday 12.50pm

Whole Cast Play Rehearsal (priority) Wednesday 4.00pm
U14 Rugby Practice (SAR, GMB) Wednesday 4.00pm
U12 Rugby Practice (CW) Wednesday 4.00pm
"Smash Up" Badminton Club (GJM, GMC) Wednesday 4.00pm

Upper School Choir (TS) Thursday 12.50pm – 1.20pm
U13 Netball Practice (JXP, DG) Thursday 12.50pm
U13 Girls' Hockey Practice (REB, PAS) Thursday 12.50pm
U13 Rugby Practice (SAR) Thursday 12.50pm
Swimming Training Years 7-13 (LJS) Thursday 12.50pm
Computer Club (SAL) L9 Thursday 1.00pm
Year 10-11 Invention (PT, KR) B30 Thursday
Chess Club (JCC) R5 Thursday 1.10pm
Debating Society (AP, LMG) Lecture Theatre Thursday 1.10pm

Upper School Orchestra (TS) Thursday 4.00pm
U16, U18 Rugby Practice (SAR, CW) Thursday 4.00pm
U12-U14 Boys’ Hockey Practice (GMC) Thursday 4.00pm
Years 7-8 Drama Club (BAJ) DCS Thursday 4.00pm
Young Enterprise (BWJ, JAC, CMB) Thursday 4.00pm

Brass Group (TS) Friday 8.35am
U12, U13 Girls' Hockey Practice (REB) Friday 12.50pm
U12, U13 Netball Match Practice (JXP) Friday 12.50pm
Rugby Match Practice (SAR, CW) Friday 12.50pm
Big Band Rehearsal (AL) Friday 1.00pm
Badminton Club (GJM) SH Friday 1.00pm
Photography Club (FEJ) Friday 1.10pm

CCF (NCC) Friday 4.00pm
Scouts (DAW) Friday 4.00pm

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